Cyberpunk 2077 hypetrain on steam

Cyberpunk 2077 hypetrain on steam

The Cyberpunk hypetrain is at full speed. Another week to go for the new mega project of CD Projekt RED.

The media department of CD Projekt RED is running at full speed. Yesterday the company twittered a #Cybernight message into the world in which we were called upon to stand ready.

Meanwhile, we already see several messages from fans who are so lucky to have gotten their hands on an early version and are already installing it. This shows that the base game takes about 70GB of your hard drive but you also need to download a day one update/file which is about 56GB. If that is over 70 gigs, then a nice bite will be taken from your hard disk.

CDPR has already announced that this is not a One Day Patch so it must be extra data that they didn’t get pressed onto the disk anymore.

Published at Thu, 03 Dec 2020 11:36:14 +0000