EA sued for scripting in FIFA 21

EA sued for scripting in FIFA 21

Every FIFA player actually knows it. The game has scripts that help determine the outcome. But proving that is difficult. But someone takes action to denounce it.

We all know it as FIFA players. You play the opponent of the mat and suddenly everything turns around and your goalkeeper lets the simplest balls through. Or you’re already 89 minutes ahead and bam, in the 90th minute you get one or two in front of your ears. Or your stats clearly indicate that you have fired 15 shots at goal with two goals and the opponent scores three with four shots. In the land of lawsuits, this is enough to sue someone.

SPORTbible (@sportbible) July 19, 2019

Because that’s what happened in California. Jason Zajnoc, Danyael Williams and Pranko Lozano have started a lawsuit against EA Sports. They are suing the company for increasing the difficulty in FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team to get more money out of the loot boxes.

FUT lets players build their own team and if you play well, you get coins to buy new Ultimate Team packs. But if you don’t go fast enough, you can always put your hard-earned real money in those packages. The charge describes that EA uses artificial intelligence to dynamically increase the difficulty in FUT, making you earn less coins and thus tend to buy them to still score those better players.

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The technology one describes is called Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment and Adaptive Difficulty and it has to adjust the difficulty in real-time. This in-game application ensures that it doesn’t become too easy or too difficult for gamers to play a game, but the plaintiffs say that EA uses the technology to generate more money with it.

They require EA to disclose information about these scripting practices and indicate that the Company knowingly does not share this information with the public. The indictment makes use of California’s consumer protection laws. The claim not only revolves around FIFA but EA’s Madden and NHL games are also mentioned. EA recently hit a new record of $1.1 billion in micro-transactions in the first quarter of the year.

The whole loot boxes story is something EA is frequently sued for anyway. Recently, someone sued them because he was tempted to spend more than $600 on loot boxes. In some countries, such as Belgium, the loot boxes have been banned because it looks too much like gambling.

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