Immortal Fenyx Rising Guide: Explanation of Gears and Upgrades


Phenyx Rising guide: Explanation of gears and upgrades

There are two types of armor in Immortals Phenyx Rising: helmets


bulletproof vests. There are also three weapons: swords, axes and bows. Unlike similar games, all equipment has no stats. Instead, Fenyx has independent amounts of attack and defense that can be upgraded in the Hall of the Gods. Each piece of equipment has six upgrades that improve Fenyx’s parameters, regardless of what you have chosen to equip. But that doesn’t mean your equipment doesn’t matter. Instead of having stats, each piece of equipment has two extras that have a variety of uses.

The first advantage of a gear is that it is available regardless of the level of the corresponding gear slot. Whatever happens, you get the first perk. However, the perks can also be equalized. For example, if you wear the helmet that gives Fenyx extra sword damage, the amount of damage increases on level three. The second perk won’t become available until you reach level four for that gear slot. That second perk will also increase once you reach the gear slot to level six.

The problem is that weapons and armor both use blue Adamantine Shards. This means that if you buy one upgrade, you may not have enough for another. Immortals Fenyx Rising will tell youwhen you have enough shards to upgrade your stuff, as the next available upgrade level will glow gold as soon as you have enough stock. It’s worth mentioning that you can change the look of the gear you’ve equipped to any other piece of gear you’ve found. The game indicates this with a painter’s easel icon on top of the gear slot. Immortals Fenyx Rising is

a game that is very fashion oriented, since most of the gearboxes you open contain palettes for things you already have. It’s great for coordinating the outfit, but not much else.

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