Operation Broken Fang comes as a surprise to the CS:GO community.

Operation Broken Fang comes as a surprise to the CS:GO community

An early Christmas present has found its way to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Community. The 10th and final CS:GO operation, Operation Broken Fang, is now live. For such a monumental arrival, it is fitting that we receive a 16 second film trailer. In fact, this is the first movie trailer for the game in eight long years, so leave it at that. This early gift from Valve is certainly a pleasant surprise.

As part of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive content

, Operation Broken Fang adds a new Retakes mode accessible to all players. In this mode, three terrorists can take on four anti-terrorists for eight rounds. Weapons are chosen from a charge card for each round.

For those who have the Operation Pass, you get access to the competitive Broken Fang premier fashion. In addition, there is an Operation Stats section that records all your personal stats. If you ever needed heat maps and win rates broken down by map, you’re in luck.

Killer Looks

Operation Broken Fang also adds seven new cards to the mix. The Operation Shop also sells rewards in exchange for operation stars. You can earn them by completing weekly missions. Things like graffiti, patches, stickers, weapon collections, a gun case and new cops and criminals are all up for grabs. The better you get at CS:GObent duringOperation

Broken Fang, the more you can customize things to your heart’s content.

Operation Broken Fang Arrives As Surprise For Csgo Community (2)

Together with the new operation, the patch adds another means of communication to your arsenal. Players now have access to a contextual ping system. Just go through your customizable chat wheel and you can warn your teammates about what you see.

The full patch notes for Operation Broken Fang can be found on the CS:GO website


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