Plans for Sea of Thieves in 2021 known!

Plans for Sea of Thieves in 2021 known!

After the Anniversary update of April 2019, the developers at Rare de Sea of Thieves have been able to serve the Sea of Thieves players well with monthly updates. The last few months, however, the updates have been less and less spectacular. The rut threatened to get into it. That seems to change now. And how?

In 2020, Sea of Thieves celebrated several milestones. For example, the player base now consists of more than 15 million players, the game was released on Steam and for a while it was also the best watched game on Twitch. The developers continue to invest in the game, but lately it has been a bit quieter. Now it is clear why, because the team was busy preparing big updates for 2021. In the above developers vlog these plans are explained. In this article I summarize them for you.

Festival of Giving (start 9 December 2020)

The holidays are coming up and that needs to be celebrated of course. From December 9th players will be treated to login bonuses and Twitch drops. The latter means that you can earn in-game items by watching 20 minutes of Sea of Thieves streams on Twitch every day. Furthermore, Gilded Voyages will be added during Festival of the Giving. Risky missions that, if they succeed, will increase your stock of Gold significantly.

Season 1 (starts 1 January 2021)

From January, seasonal content will be added to Sea of Thieves. During three months you will be able to make progress within the season and unlock all kinds of things. We know this of course from games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. In the developer vlog it is indicated that the seasonal progression will be accompanied by hundreds of rewards. What exactly we can expect from that is still unclear. However, the developers do want to facilitate that shorter game sessions also have a rewarding effect and that with a short playing time you can also have the feeling that you are making progress in the game.

Good news for me. For the time being it is true that you are sailing for +2 hours anyway to have the feeling that you have spent your time ‘usefully’. That is quite a threshold and also makes the game a bit less accessible, because you really have to plan the game and not just do it in between. It seems that it mainly serves the solo players.

As of January, monthly events, such as Fate of the Damned, will also be added to Sea of Thieves. Whether these events will also be part of the season’s progression is not entirely clear to me.

New Merchant Alliance voyages and the Plunder Pass

As part of season 1 new Merchant Alliance voyages will be added. We already saw new voyages for the Order of Souls and the Gold Hoarder last year. Now it’s the Merchant’s turn. In the new voyages you will look for sunken shipwrecks like a detective.

In addition to new voyages, three new featured live events are added and you can purchase a Plunder Pass. The latter you will have to see as a kind of battle pass. It will probably benefit the progress you make and you’ll get some extras in return. Unique rewards and exclusive sets for sale in the Pirate Emporium (the digital store in Sea of Thieves). More information will follow in the course of December.

Can I still start Sea of Thieves after 2.5 years?

Yes, you can. Sea of Thieves is all about skills. You don’t have any weapons or boats that are better. So everyone is the same in the base. Sure, experience plays an important role and at the beginning you’ll really have to figure out how everything works. However, you can still get in just fine. We have written an explanation here which you can pay attention to as a beginning player. If you miss things in there, please let us know. It is always advisable to go out to sea together with a number of others. Not only is that more fun and

cozier. It’s also the best way for novice players to get to know the game. On our Discord we have a Sea of Thieves subchannel. Be sure to drop by if you are looking for other players to play the game with.

You can see EIN-DE-LY how many hours you played

The Sea of Thieves community page is full of statistics. How many times have I puked? How many miles have I traveled at sea? How many captains chests have I cashed? These and many others stats have been on display for some time. However, what many players are curious about is how many hours they’ve been in the game. You’ve been able to see that since today. Well, that is. In ‘Your Story So Far’ you can view your statistics of 2020 and there you can also see how many hours you have played this year.

What do you think of the plans for 2021? Do you think adding seasons fits Sea of Thieves? And have you looked at your statistics? Don’t forget to share them with us!

Published at Thu, 03 Dec 2020 20:18:13 +0000