Start Cyberpunk 2077 without choice stress

Start Cyberpunk 2077 without choice stress

Tonight you can get on with it. Or, as I see around me, actually, right now. Cyberpunk 2077 is finally getting started, but it’s an important choice.

In the beginning you have to choose what your Lifepath is going to be. And that choice makes that you start with a unique specific mission in a different location. The game has three paths: Street Kid, Nomad and Corpo. This of course leads directly to choice stress. Because what is a good path? And aren’t you going to miss things?

Let me reassure you. Your choice doesn’t make huge changes in the way the world is formed. In order to remove some of that stress, we’ll list the choices for you.

Street Kid

As a Street Kid, you grew up in Night City. Born and raised in Watson, you know the area very well. But you have tried to build a life somewhere else, unfortunately unsuccessful. On the street everyone knows your name and is happy to see you again. You start with a bartender who has problems and he wants to hire you as a reliable local. He has debts to Kirk, a fixer with a reputation, and he wants you to do something about it.

In Street Kid you notice the tensions between the gangs in the area and you see that those tensions are running high. Street Kid V has his family and friends high up. Because you are so well known in the streets of NC, it is easier to get information from gang members. There are more options available to you to do that. Street Kid has dialogues all over the city, knows a lot about the gangs and the history of the city. As a Street Kid, you’re actually at home in all markets.


Nomad starts in the Badlands where you recently left your Nomad clan. The story starts the moment you

have a broken car repaired. You get in touch with someone asking you to smuggle something into Night City. Together you try to cross the border and that doesn’t happen by itself and eventually you end up in Night City together. The choice for Nomad does have one peculiarity, because you will get the chance to pick up your car later from the starting mission.

As an experienced smuggler you are a star in negotiating and arranging, especially when it comes to information. Nomad V is honest and has a strong sense of principle. Nomad has most dialogues in the Badlands.


Do you want to work as a counterintelligence? Then Corpo is something that appeals to you. Starting as Corpo, you’ll start the game in Arasaka Tower, one of the more important places in the game. You’ll be summoned to the big boss while he’s just watching a meeting with the European Space Council. Then it goes in the wrong direction and you get a special task. As you go to your contact, you’ll be haunted and the situation goes from bad to worse. Then, six months later, you’ve left the Arsaka Corp and are ready to start working as a mercenary in Night City.

As Corpo V you are a star in manipulating and playing the world around you.

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