PSLS Game of the Year 2020 Awards – Best Game Soundtrack Winner

PSLS Game of the Year 2020 Awards – Best Game Soundtrack Winner

Soundtracks are a crucial element in games. Music brings the moments to life and drives emotion for characters, actions, and environments within any experience. It can make a game more terrifying, heartwarming, or endearing. It can be transformative and induce a sense of thrill. It can be reflective. It can even be the central conceit of the entire game! Music can be many things as it fundamentally shapes the tone of the game and the mood of the player, helping to completely immerse people in the games they are playing. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best Game Soundtrack in 2020.

Best Game Soundtrack 2020 Winner

ghost of tsushima sequel

Ghost of Tsushima

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After winning in a number of other categories this year, is it any surprise that our staff loved the soundtrack from Ghost of Tsushima too? It’s stunning art style, open world, and amazing performances were all tied together with the incredible soundscapes created to feel serene, haunting, and intense, guiding players along with Jin Sakai through his emotional and physical journey across Tsushima island. Each song underscored the specific moments, blending perfectly with the world and story to complete Sucker Punch’s epic.

Reader’s Choice Winner

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Beating out Ghost of Tsushima by a single vote, our Reader’s Choice award for Best Game Soundtrack goes to Final Fantasy VII Remake. The new orchestrations of the classic songs brought back feelings of nostalgia while feeling entirely new and beautiful. The original game had one of the most incredible gaming soundtracks of all time, so it was a risky undertaking to update these songs for the new game. Square Enix did an amazing job, however, and it’s soared to the top as one of the best game soundtracks again.

Don’t miss our full lineup of nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing more winners tomorrow, leading up to the Game of the Year award.

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