Here’s your Cyberpunk 2077 third-person mod

Here’s your Cyberpunk 2077 third-person mod

If you’ve been hanging out for the inevitable mod to let you play Cyberpunk 2077 in third-person, it’s here. Well, sort of. It’s currently a work-in-progress so don’t expect everything to work smoothly—although since this is Cyberpunk 2077 we’re talking about that’s advice you probably don’t need to hear. The game wasn’t designed to be played in third-person and there are going to be some animation oddities, like the way your hips slide out of joint if you turn a corner at speed. 

To install this mod, which was made by Jelle Bakker, you’ll need to first install Cyber Engine Tweaks, which lets you access the console and debug menu as well as containing some bug fixes. Then download the TPP mod—there are different versions for male and female characters since apparently gender is an item equipped by your character that determines neck size, just go with it—and extract it into your Cyberpunk 2077binx64 directory. (An earlier version of the mod needed Cheat Engine to be installed, but it should be fine without now.)

Once you launch Cyberpunk 2077, pressing B will let you switch to third-person mode. Pressing it again will let you cycle through four different camera views.

The modding scene is still getting to grips with it, but these are some of the best mods for Cyberpunk 2077 so far.

Published at Mon, 04 Jan 2021 01:03:23 +0000