Call of Duty Warzone’s Most Overpowered Weapons Are Getting a Balance Patch Soon, No Change to Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty Warzone’s Most Overpowered Weapons Are Getting a Balance Patch Soon, No Change to Black Ops Cold War

If you drop into Verdansk or Rebirth Island in Call of Duty Warzone right now, chances are high that you’ll die to someone wielding a DMR 14 and Mac-10 in their loadout. The deadly combo of weapons from Black Ops Cold War, along with a couple of other statistical outliers, are all getting adjusted in a balance update soon, so hopefully the meta can shift to something else.

Raven Software, who is currently maintaining Call of Duty Warzone, tweeted the announcement to alleviate concerns that players have had for all of winter break. These weapons have effectively dominated the playing field since Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War was integrated into Warzone, bringing with it a suite a powerful new guns for players to use.

Call of Duty Warzone DMR Nerfs Incoming

The DMR 14 is a tactical rifle with a quick fire rate and deadliness that can down a fully shielded player in three shots. The lack of glint on many of its scopes make it an overpowered tool for sniping from a distance, but it’s also very deadly in mid-range engagements. The Mac-10 is a high-powered SMG that players like to call an “easy mode,” letting those who wield it spray messily at close ranges, while also dealing deadly damage for mid-range encounters. Between these two guns, this is a “god mode” loadout that covers all of your bases and can usually outshoot anything else.

Similar to the DMR, the Type 63 is a tactical rifle that suffers from some of the same problems; being a bit too deadly letting players use it like a sniper rifle without the consequences. Dual pistols (Diamattis) are also exceptionally powerful, and in the right hands, tend to be a spammy way to win close quarters fights.

These four weapons have been at the top of most players’ demands for nerfs, and while Raven avoids using the word “nerf” specifically, they promise that a balance update will address concerns with these weapons soon. Exactly what kinds of changes the weapons will get (or when “soon” is) remains to be seen.

Raven further clarified that the balance changes would be exclusive to the Warzone integration of these weapons. While Treyarch did retweet the announcement from Raven, weapon balancing within Black Ops Cold War is up to Treyarch, and any changes made may not mimic the Warzone balances. Expect to see the DMR and Mac-10 continue to dominate Black Ops Cold War multiplayer matches for the time being.

The Call of Duty community is ecstatic that these weapons are finally being addressed, after a long holiday break of suffering through what many refer to as “DMRzone.” Shifting these weapons out of prominence should help players adjust and find other optimal weapons to use in Warzone. We’ll keep you updated on exactly what these changes will entail and when the balance will happen.

Published at Wed, 06 Jan 2021 00:02:49 +0000