The best build for Xiao in Genshin Impact

The best build for Xiao in Genshin Impact

Wondering how to get Xiao in Genshin Impact? Xiao is the only character to arrive in the Genshin Impact 1.3 update, and he’s a demon hunter who lives in the Wangshu Inn. He’s the only remaining member of the Five Yakshas, whose quest is to eliminate the demons around Liyue.

Speaking of quests, Xiao is central to the 1.3’s narrative, which is built around the Lantern Rite festival. He’s already been involved in the story so far when the Traveler has visited the Wangshu Inn, but he’s been relatively withdrawn, often keeping himself to himself. In 1.3’s story, he comes out of his shell a lot more.

How to get Xiao in Genshin Impact

Xiao is the only new five-star character in the 1.3 update’s first banner, Invitation To Mundane Life. He’s joined in the banner by three featured four-star character who were already in the game: Diona, Beidou, and Xinyan. As well as Xiao, five-star characters Jean, Diluc, Mona, Qiqi, and Keqing are also in the banner, along with a few other four-star characters with lower pull rates than the three featured.

This banner will run until February 17th, when it will be replaced by Dance Of Lanterns, which has Keqing as its featured character.

The banner is eligible for pity pulls, meaning you’re guaranteed to pull a five-star character after 90 consecutive pulls without one.  Without pity pulls, he has a drop rate of 0.6 percent.

Genshin Impact Xiao: An overview

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Xiao is a polearm fighter, and he comes with a unique power which trades HP for extra strength. While his Elemental Burst is active, Xiao wears a mask which drains his HP while giving him a damage and range boost. He’s also an Anemo fighter, and deals Wind damage alongside his regular attacks. 

He’s generally quite polite, if blunt, and is something in the mould of a silent assassin. Despite his reserved nature, he’s quite the cinematic fighter.

Normal attack: Whirlwind Thrust

  • Normal Attack: Xiao performs six quick strikes with his polearm.
  • Charged Attack: Xiao will dive down and smash the ground. The higher he falls from, the more powerful the attack. It doubles up as his Plunging Attack.
  • Plunging Attack: Xiao’s Charged Attack and Plunging Attack are the same.

Elemental Skill: Lemniscatic Wind Cycling
Xiao dives forward, dealing Anemo damage to all enemies along the way. It can be used in mid-air, and has two charges.

Elemental Burst: Bane Of All Evil
Xiao takes on the form of the Yaksha, wearing a ghostly mask. During this time, Xiao’s attack range increases, his jumping ability increases, and his regular attacks deal Anemo damage. However, while he’s in this form, his HP will constantly drain.


  • Evil Conqueror – Tamer Of Demons: Bane Of All Evil gives Xiao a five percent damage increase, and this rises by a further five percent every 3 seconds up to 25 percent until the skill ends.
  • Dissolution Eon – Heaven Fall: When Lemniscatic Wind Cycling is used, the next Lemniscatic Wind Cycling has a ten percent damage boost if activated within six seconds. This can stack up to three times.
  • Transcension – Gravity Defier: All party members get a 20 percentreduction in fall damage.


  • Dissolution Eon – Destroyer Of Worlds: Lemniscatic Wind Cycling gains an extra charge.
  • Annihilation Eon – Blossom Of Kaleidos: Xiao’s Energy Recharge is increased by 25 percent when he’s in the party but not currently active.
  • Evil Conqueror – Wrath Deity: Increases Lemniscatic Wind Cycling’s skill level by three, with a max level of 15.
  • Transcension – Extinction Of Suffering: Xiao gains a 100 percent defense bonus when his HP falls below 50 percent.
  • Evolution Eon – Origin Of Ignorance: Increases Bane Of All Evil’s skill level by three, with a max level of 15.
  • Evil Conqueror – Vigilant Yaksha: During Bane Of All Evil, hitting two or more enemies with Charged Attacks gives Lemniscatic Wind Cycling an additional charge, while reducing its cooldown by one second.

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Best Genshin Impact Xiao build: Example set up

Xiao is a DPS fighter, and since his abilities can turn his regular attacks into Anemo attacks, build should be focused on raising his Attack stats so this transformation is even more deadly.

Weapon: Primordial Jade Winged Spear
On a hit, this weapon gets a 3.2 percent attack boost for six seconds, and can stack seven times, occurring once every 0.3 seconds. A fully levelled up Primordial Jade Winged Spear gives a 6 percent attack boost per attack, or 24 percent once full stacked.

Weapon: Halberd
This three star weapon is the cheap alternative to increasing Xiao’s damage. One attack every ten seconds will deal an additional 160% damage, or 320% damage when fully leveled up. This lasts for just one attack and does not stack.


  • Gladiator’s Finale Set: 2-parts: 18 percent extra attack damage. 4 parts: 35 percent extra attack damage for polearm attacks. If you don’t have enough Gladiator’s Finale artifacts, you can have a mix of 2-parts Gladiator’s Finale and 2-parts Bloodstained Chivalry, which grants 18 percent extra attack damage and 25 percent physical damage.

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