Terraria creator cancels Stadia port after being locked out of Google account

Terraria creator cancels Stadia port after being locked out of Google account

Terraria co-creator Andrew Spinks has announced that the game will no longer be coming to Google Stadia after his Google account was disabled.

The entire ordeal has been going on for around three weeks, when Spinks’ studio Re-Logic had its YouTube channel taken down for currently unexplained reasons. In a thread between the Terraria Twitter account and Team YouTube, the Terraria team explained that they had received an email regarding an alleged TOS violation, despite having posted no new content in several months. The email was assumed to have been received in error, but days later the account was disabled.

It appears that Spinks’ personal email is the one assigned to Re-Logic’s YouTube channel, with the dev taking to Twitter to announce that his Google account is still disabled, losing access to “thousands of dollars of apps” on Google Play, as well as his Google Drive and Gmail address.

“My account has now been disabled for over 3 weeks. I still have no idea why, and after using every resource I have to get this resolved you have done nothing but give me the runaround,” Spinks tweeted at Google.

He then went one step further, announcing that Terraria would no longer be coming to Google Stadia as a result of the situation, saying “I can take this no other way than you deciding to burn this bridge. Consider it burned. #Terraria for @GoogleStadia is canceled.

“I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little. Doing business with you is a liability.”

It’s a bold move, and one that will probably stir Google into taking some action to try and repair relations—after all, Terraria has sold over 30 million copies of the game as of April 2020. That’s a big game to lose after Google only recently announced they would be closing Stadia’s internal development studios in order to focus on “deepening [their] business partnerships.”

Google is yet to publicly respond to Spinks’ tweets.

Published at Mon, 08 Feb 2021 14:53:30 +0000